a little kniting

I knitted a simple scarf over the past few weeks, all finished on the 23rd – with ends woven in.  The pattern is designed by Elizabeth Hale available from ravelry.  Knitted with a lovely yarn called Nepal by Drops yarns and bought from Wool Wearhouse, its lovely to knit with and super soft.  I love moss stitch, wonderful texture and so simple to do – every row begins with a K1 – so nothing to remember.  Hoping to improve my knitting skills in 2017 – on a waiting list to learn how to knit socks using the magic loop method.  What new skill would you like to learn in 2017?

knitting help


I have spent a few days in Monmouthshire seeing family and discovered a lovely new shop there, selling beautiful home decorations and yarn from the owners own heard of sheep.  It’s a beautiful natural chocolate double knit, so here is the conundrum  – what to knit.  I’ve been looking for a simple cardigan or jumper and Ravelry has me bamboozled, any suggestions?


Santa Lucia day


Today is St Lucia’s day and a wonderful festival of light in Scandinavia, where the days are so short and darkness lives at this time if year.  The images of girls wearing crowns of candles are beautiful and so lovely to see the traditions of other countries.  There is a fabulous blog hop of Scandinavian bloggers to create a Swedish Advent Calendar: 24 days of posts from 24 different bloggers.  here is day 2 with a wonderful printable St Lucia crown.


things been v quite here as work is super busy and the things I have made are Christmas gifts – although I do have a dress awaiting cutting out from a trip up to ray stitch  going to try a lining it with a fabric from William Gee – amazing little shop in Hackney and testing out using 120 weight industrial thread on my machine – so far its been great.  Plans of a skirt in some fabulous sequins, Francis from The Maker’s Atelier advised a trip to Goldhawk Road as the fabric she used in the photo shoot was from Ditto and they had sold out.  Sadly was diverted on my way to Shepards Bush and do love the fabrics from Till the sun goes down.  Have a few weeks of from Friday and hope to be back with some more fun makes.

sewing inspiration from film


Yesterday I saw Fantastic Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, my daughter is a huge HP fan and she was so looking forward to seeing this.  It was a great film, the costumes where fabulous!  Loved Porpentina’ s clothes, so very everyday wearable and Queenie’s more glamourous collection.  It was the pink coat with a shawl collar that really caught my attention, wouldn’t it be perfect for going out to parties in!  So this morning I have been searching for a pattern that could possibly make it


above is a close up I found, source unknown.

Here are a few I think would do it

The left patter is McCalls 7478 and the right Gertie’s Butterick 6105.

Left The Maker’s Atelier shawl collar coat, out of print Butterick 5824

above Vogue 8875

If you can think of a better pattern do let me know!   HAve you ever been caught by a fils costumes and wanted to make them?  Oh – do go and see the film, you won’t be disapointed – even if its only to see the wonderful costumes!

Making Luna Lapin


I was so excited to be asked by Sew and So to join in the Luna Lapin blog hop, so if you’ve stopped by on the hop Hello!  The book was written by Sarah Peel and is an utter delight. Sarah introduces Luna via a short story and each outfit has a tale behind it. You’ll become captivated by the stories surrounding her adventures and travels as she goes for a job interview, visits the theatre and spends time with her brother Alfie. Luna’s made her outfits perfectly tailored and finished with tiny buttons and trims to create a miniature wardrobe.


photo source

I loved the making up of Luna, brilliant and clear instructions and nearly all hand stitched.  So if you don’t have a sewing machine or want a super project to sew by hand while chatting – this is perfect.  I chose a white felt with Liberty tana lawn for the ears & pads of Luna’s feet and used a dreamy pure wool toy stuffing from Bronte Glen.  Sew and So offer a printable e-book, so perfect to click and down load.  All the pattern pieces are full size and that’s a huge bonus, easy to cut out and well marked.  I think the hardest part was choosing the clothes to make and I settled on a dress and I am sure I will make more clothes.  Love the armchair, brilliant for Luna to sit on and decorate.


There is a choice to make Luna into a boy, with some fabulous tailored pieces.  If you’d like a sneak peek at the book click on the picture of the book  or any of the photo’s and it will take you there. There are 20 different garments and accessories to choose from; including Luna’s stunning wool coat, lace-up boots, lace knickers and a particularly desirable pair of wrap over pyjamas for stylish lounging.  Sarah has designed the patterns for the child in us all; Luna was lovingly designed to be a special heirloom toy that is passed down by generations. The patterns are suitable for a range of abilities; the basic rabbit and simple items are suitable for beginners but the more tailored pieces are for more experienced sewers. The level of each pattern is identified by either one carrot for easy, up to three carrots for advanced.

Here’s the schedule of the hoperty hop:

Monday 31st October – SewandSo

Tuesday 1st November – Meet Sarah Peel

Wednesday 2nd November – Sew of Course

Thursday 3rd November – Melanie Sews and Other Stuff

Friday 4th November – Poppy in Stitches

Monday 7th November – Carina Crafts

Tuesday 8th November – Bendigolioness

Wednesday 9th November – Bit of Tea and Honey

Thursday 10th  November – Thimbeleanna