English paper piecing

hexy diamond

My very first patchworking project was as a child at school and have made many projects using the epp method, from tiny hexagons to giant and lots of other shapes in between.  I have shared my love for quilting with friends and as a help thought I’d post a tutorial on how I epp.  There are lots of online tools for making hexagons, I use these by Love patchwork & quilting magazine.  Once you have the templates cut out, I punch a hole into them.  This makes popping the templates out later so much quicker.

hexy diamond 2

For my 1 inch hexagons I cut just a fraction over a 2.5inch square, this gives a good overlap.  To baste my template, thread a needle and tie a knot at the end of the thread.  Fold fabric edges over the card template, as below

hexy diamond 3

Whip stitch the fold of fabric a you go around the hexagon

hexy diamond 4

and then you have a basted your hexagon.

hexy diamond 5

To join the hexagons together, place to hexagons right side together.  With a threaded needle tie a small knot at the end of the thread and whip stitch along the one edge, being careful to catch only the fabric and not piercing the card template.  I guess I use around 10 per hexagon side – but this is only a guide.

To join a 3rd template, place the the new hexagon template right sides together as below and whip stitch to the end of the one side.

Open up the stitched templates and then fold gently ready to stitch the next seam.

hexy diamond 12

making sure to stitch from the centre out.  Below are front and back of the hexagons.

Here’s the back of my completed templates, once the templates have been popped out.

hexy diamond back

To pop out the templates, I use a knitting needle or chop stick, gently pop into the punched hole and the template will slip out quickly and neatly.  You can also leave all the basting stitches in, as they will never be seen.

hexy diamond

Just ready to baste and quilt now.  If you were wondering the main fabrics used are from a collection caller Shimmer 2 by Jennifer Sampou, the pale grey is kona cotton.