Last year I worked on an EPP quilt design for a commission and thought I'd share the design and how I do English paper piecing.  I do love hand stitching, find it very therapeutic after a long day at work.  So here's the pattern to make a baby size quilt: For my quilt I used 1… Continue reading #hexydiamondquilt

quilt binding

I have finally found the energy to bind my shimmering single girl quilt and now the hand stitching begins.  I will be super cosy on the cold nights stitching away!  The best tutorial I have found for binding is by Missouri Star Quilt Company over on you tube - Jenny is a quilting wonder!  So… Continue reading quilt binding

English paper piecing | a tutorial

My very first patchworking project was as a child at school and have made many projects using the epp method, from tiny hexagons to giant and lots of other shapes in between.  I have shared my love for quilting with friends and as a help thought I'd post a tutorial on how I epp.  There… Continue reading English paper piecing | a tutorial

Orange Peel quilt

The centre of my Orange Peel quilt is made, I've used 6.5 inch squares with the 'peels' appliqued on with the help of Bonderweb and a running stitch 1/4 inch seam allowance.  This quilt has been totally inspired by Button-Button's orange peel quilt that she brought to show at the London Modern Quilt Guild, also… Continue reading Orange Peel quilt