handmade handbags


So just before Christmas I made the monster a new dress out of some Marvel fabric and there were a few pieces left over.  So instead of making a fabric bag, we decided to buy a shell and strap to make a super cool bag.  The shell is from U handbag, as is the strap – a great detail.

There is a great tutorial and it very simple to make.  The edge detail could be neater and I would love to make another bag and improve the interior edge finish.  Overall I’m happy with it and the monster loves it – which is the best!


sewing inspiration from film


Yesterday I saw Fantastic Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, my daughter is a huge HP fan and she was so looking forward to seeing this.  It was a great film, the costumes where fabulous!  Loved Porpentina’ s clothes, so very everyday wearable and Queenie’s more glamourous collection.  It was the pink coat with a shawl collar that really caught my attention, wouldn’t it be perfect for going out to parties in!  So this morning I have been searching for a pattern that could possibly make it


above is a close up I found, source unknown.

Here are a few I think would do it

The left patter is McCalls 7478 and the right Gertie’s Butterick 6105.

Left The Maker’s Atelier shawl collar coat, out of print Butterick 5824

above Vogue 8875

If you can think of a better pattern do let me know!   HAve you ever been caught by a fils costumes and wanted to make them?  Oh – do go and see the film, you won’t be disapointed – even if its only to see the wonderful costumes!

The Landgate | a review


Goodness its been a while, work has been very busy and has meant not so much sewing time. The landgate has been wanting to be made for a while, Sarah kindly told me quite how long – as we met up in Rye last summer for my first trip to Merchant & Mills.  I had been concerned that my old machine wouldn’t sew the oilskin and having tried a small section was right, my new machine sewed the fabric like a dream.

Pattern:  The Landgate by Merchant & Mills.

Fabric: Gold British oilskin – Merchant & Mills.

Notions: denim size 12 needles, all purpose thread,  Merchant & Mills brass zip.

Pattern description:  This was a straight forward pattern to sew, I followed every step and opted for metal eyelets for a more professional finish – the pattern does say to make button holes.  Delighted with the finished jacket.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern: I loved the easy construction and pocket options, thought I may make another version in denim with pockets on the outside, great for walking the dog.  Had anticipated it could be tricky and with a fabric I have newer used before – was wrong on both counts.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: bound the hood facing with bias tape.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others:  Yes, once I got home thought I’d bought a ‘cagoule’ pattern- showing my 70’s roots there!  Perfect outdoors, gardening, walking and of course rain wear.  Would be a fab make for a Chap too, there are pattern changes, very straightforward.


The Trapeze Dress


Today I finally got some sewing done for me!  Yesterday I bought the Trapeze Dress pattern in Liberty and had a plan – this morning I cut it out and made it – yipee.  It is a super simple dress, I went for the sleeveless version using this fabulous eyelet cotton fabric from Ditto Fabrics, found a navy cotton voile on Ebay to line it.


Pattern: The Trapeze Dress by Merchant & Mills.

Fabric: eyelet cotton and cotton voile.

Notions: hemline number 11 quilting needles & Gutterman sew all thread.

Pattern discription: Merchant & Mills signature dress, designed to flatter most body shapes.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Were the instructions easy to follow: Yes, with the exception of the arm hold facing -after comments from Sarah mentioning a tricky part.  I saw immediately what Sarah meant and decided to make up using a traditional method.  Do watch Angela Kane’s great explanation.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern: Simple, easy to wear dress, with sleeveless, cap sleeve and 3/4 leng sleave option, making it very versatile.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:  Only change I made was shortening the pattern by 6 inches.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others:  Yes, will make more using the sleeves and defernatly reccomend with the sleeveless version made the traditional way to make things super quick and easy.

Conclusion: Brilliant shaped dress that will be much worn – fingers crossed for summer to warm up!



shimmering single girl quilt – wip

Had some fun putting my machine through its paces, it’s the first time I’ve quilted a king size quilt and wow am i impressed with the Janome!  Also used a grey variegated aurifil thread from the Eternal Maker in Chichester.

janome horizon 8900qcp

The spiral started in the centre and I spiraled out by eye, not perfect but I try and quilt by Jenny’s moto “finished is better than perfect’.  It took days to quilt and ended up using washing up gloves to help, they worked brilliantly too.

shimmering single girl quilt

The spiral started small and gradually got wider towards the edge, will take more photo’s once its bound and finished!