Rosalind PJ’s

The Rosalind

Finished on pair of pj’s using the Rosalind pattern and made the trousers into shorts, perfect summer pj’s. The cotton is light weight and sews beautifuly, I found a rather chunky piping to try out and although it works well will use a finer piping for the next pair.


Above are my all time favorite pj’s and I guess I’m trying to get as close to these as possible.  While looking online I found the Carolyn pj’s by Closet Case Patterns, they make the Bombshell swimsuit and ginger jean that I’ve read great things about.  Meanwhile this will have to wait until I’ve made


Vogue 8993.   I’m off to a super smart party and just havent beeb able to find something I love within my budget – Kate Spade was fabulous but oce I had the skirt, top and shoes………  and did kind of head off my slow fashion sign up too.  So have 3 meters of Liberty tana lawn and will start cutting as soon as i’ve finished typing this post.  It has pockets and princess line to give a great fit, seemed to add up to the afternoon dress code and will match it with a navy jacket or cardigan and little hat.  Right must make a start!

sewing pj’s

Rosalind PJ

Been making a couple of pair’s of PJ’s this week. I bought an adiaional meter of each fabric to account for piping and discovered I can make one pj top, shorts and full lenght pant.  So will have spring/summer/autumn covered, the monster chose dark blue and I went for the lighter blue, the Rosalind pattern by Sew me somthing is easy to make and well explained instructions – perfect for a beginner.  More on these in my next post.

Datura blouse  the Mortmain  IMG_7327

I’ve been instergramming my made by me May wears, on the left is the Datura Blouse by Deer & Doe in a Henry Alexander fabric, right Mortmain dress fabric from FG in Battersea.  Now to dash off to work!  Todays work wear x