a little kniting

I knitted a simple scarf over the past few weeks, all finished on the 23rd – with ends woven in.  The pattern is designed by Elizabeth Hale available from ravelry.  Knitted with a lovely yarn called Nepal by Drops yarns and bought from Wool Wearhouse, its lovely to knit with and super soft.  I love moss stitch, wonderful texture and so simple to do – every row begins with a K1 – so nothing to remember.  Hoping to improve my knitting skills in 2017 – on a waiting list to learn how to knit socks using the magic loop method.  What new skill would you like to learn in 2017?

Tarnish | knitting wip


Last year I bought a lovely yarn called Frost in the sales and knitted the Tarnish pattern.  Took me ages to knit as I kept putting it down and loosing my place and then starting again.

tarnish close up

Very simple knit, if you keep track of the pattern repeat – something I kept loosing.   Finally lifted it out of my knitting basket and sewed up the side seams and now its ready to wear in the autumn!

tarnish back view

Going to be a great piece to wear to work, simple throw on and go.  Here is the Rowan book photograph and what it will look like once I have stitched a button on!

tarnish by Rowan

Now to finish off a couple more projects!