spring herbs

golden syrup herb tinWith spring on its way, I have been going through all the kitchen cupboards.  One cupboard in the corner goes back a long way and empty jars and all sorts slide back.  I discovered a small hoard of Golden Syrup tins and the looked at my kitchen windows where I have herbs wedged on the sash window in a ranged of cups and bowls.  It took all of 10 seconds to get a tin opener out and try my idea and IMG_6691

it was very easy with a tin opener to remove the top and the small tins are a perfect fit for supermarket potted herbs.  Now the kitchen windows look lovely!

golden syrup herb pots

What do you do with your Golden Syrup tins?


Mortmain dress|House of hackneyI’ve finished my silk Mortmain dress and worn it too.  So pleased with the House of Hackney silk, especially now my machine is behaving again.  Next project to sew is lined up, the Buchanan.  Although I won’t be cutting it out today, have plans to curl up on the sofa and knit once the dogs have had a walk.

Hackney Empire | House of HackneyYesterday my curtains arrived, so delighted – we have been living with vintage sheets draped over poles, they looked great but these will really help keep the heat in.  Decideding on a wall colour is now easier, have a F & B paint chart and its suprising what colour has sprung out at me.  Have decided on Pitch Blue and Wevet, being braver than before they arrived – I have a wall of patchwork paint samples ranging form Elephants Breath, Dead Salmon to Brassica.  Now I can’t wait to get the decorators in and make our home feel like ours!  Where do you find inspiration before decorating?