The Maker’s Atelier – TheEssential Collection | review

I was eagerly awaiting the publishing of The Maker's Atelier - Sewing with style.  I have been a fan of Francis' patterns since I first met her at a Selvage fair just after the Maker's Atelier launched. The book contains 8 essential patterns, 2 of which are available as stand alone patterns.  The ultimate pencil… Continue reading The Maker’s Atelier – TheEssential Collection | review

Quilt Lab by Alexandra Winston

Quilt Lab is unlike any quilting book I have read. Alexandra Winston has written a brilliant book based on maths and made it fun!  Never has the words Geometry made me turn a pages, because I get quilting Geometry! Flying Geese, Court house steps, drunkard's path and circles all mathematical in their own way but… Continue reading Quilt Lab by Alexandra Winston

Little Quilts by Sarah Fielke & Amy Lobsiger

This lovely little book flew through my letter box yesterday, after signing up for a Little Quilt swap over on instergram.  I fell in love with the adorable mini quilts that could grow into much larger designs and being small are achievable!  Seven little quilts have been designed by Sarah, Amy also designed 7 and… Continue reading Little Quilts by Sarah Fielke & Amy Lobsiger

Scrappy Bits applique | book review

©c&t publishing Every quilter, sewer has scraps left over from projects and what to do with the smaller pieces can be tricky. Shannon has been creating things with her hands since she was a very young girl, but fell madly in love with modern quilting in college. Shannon is a modern quilter and this is… Continue reading Scrappy Bits applique | book review