Last year I worked on an EPP quilt design for a commission and thought I’d share the design and how I do English paper piecing.  I do love hand stitching, find it very therapeutic after a long day at work.  So here’s the pattern to make a baby size quilt:


For my quilt I used 1 inch hexagons, each side of the hexagon measures 1 inch and measures 2 inches across at its widest point.

To start cut out 1 inch templates from light weight card and punch a hole in each template with a hole punch.  By punching a hole in each template it will make popping out the templates at the end so much easier and quicker.  If you wish to skip this step, pre cut paper templates are available. Gather the fabrics you want to use, I used 14 fat quarters for the baby quilt and extra for the binding. I cut my squares with a rotary cutter, cutting 2 3/4 inch squares.  I’m all for an easier life and the square makes cutting very quick and simple.

Carry on basting your hexagons, I basted 3 fat quarters and the equivalent of background fabric at a time.  I prefer this method as the basting stitches can stay in and templates taken out at the end and by adding a little extra seam allowance the templates sit neatly in place until popped out at the end.

hexy diamond pattern.jpg

Starting from the centre hexagons, place 2 basted templates right sides facing and whip stitch along the edge of the templates, being careful not to stitch the card.  As a guide I use about 10 stitches per inch, but that is an approximate and not a rule.  I also recommend Tulip piecing needles #8 as they are easy to thread and sew smoothly through the fabric.

To join angles, stitch along one side and then turn and fold, holding firmly with one hand and then stitching carefully.  Make sure you catch the centre point so you won’t have a hole when finished.

Continue to form the hexagons into diamonds until you have the size of quilt you would like, for this baby quilt I used 11 whole hexagon diamonds and 12 part hexagon diamonds.  Then I join the hexy diamond with the background fabric.

hexy diamond

and your baby quilt is nearly finished!  Pop out all the card templates, I use a knitting needle or chop stick.

Then place your quilt backing fabric right side down, this should be at least 10cm larger all around than the patchwork top.  Next place cotton quilt batting on top of the backing and finally place your patchwork right side up.  Using quilters safety pins, pin every centre hexagon all over the patchwork.  Then to quilt.  I used white cotton thread and a simple running stitch through the white hexagons forming a diamond pattern on the back.  Once your quilting is finished, trim your quilt.  I cut mine to a rectangle, although you could keep the hexagonal sides.  Finally bind your quilt and add a quilt label, Finished!  If you do make the quilt, please tag with #hexydiamondquilt


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