sewing slump

With the new year I had plans and indeed fabric and patterns ready, but couldn’t muster the energy to sew.  Work has been so very busy and when I get home I have just wanted to sit and do a little gentle hand stitching to calm my mind.  I have finished my ‘Rome‘ needlepoint


and really enjoyed it, kind of got the needlepoint bug.  While stitching the grid I though about what this could be and had an idea that I’d like to do more thank make a cushion, possibly cover a chair after seeing Sophie Robinson’s sofa.


With all this whirling in my head, after a brilliant Borough Belles meeting at the Goodlife centre just before Christmas and a chance conversation at work – the company offered to pay for me to do a 3 month course of evening classes!  A chair duly arrived and I set off on an upholstry adventure.


This chair will be heading back to work, but with the skills I am learning I do hope I can eventually cover one in my own tapestry patchwork.  So far this little mid century has been stripped and now being rebuilt, the teachers are brilliant, small classes and lovely class mates.

I’m plotting my progress over on instagram @poppyinstitches and getting excited now the top fabric is going on.  The Gooflife centre is an interesting place to learn a new skill and there is lots of choice, I’d love to go on the lampshade class and plumbing basics!  Are you learning a new skill this year?


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