a little kniting

I knitted a simple scarf over the past few weeks, all finished on the 23rd – with ends woven in.  The pattern is designed by Elizabeth Hale available from ravelry.  Knitted with a lovely yarn called Nepal by Drops yarns and bought from Wool Wearhouse, its lovely to knit with and super soft.  I love moss stitch, wonderful texture and so simple to do – every row begins with a K1 – so nothing to remember.  Hoping to improve my knitting skills in 2017 – on a waiting list to learn how to knit socks using the magic loop method.  What new skill would you like to learn in 2017?


1 thought on “a little kniting”

  1. Gorgeous scarf Ruth the colour is beautiful too. I love it. I’d like to have a go at knitting someday, its definitely on my list of things to learn. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! XX


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