sewing inspiration from film


Yesterday I saw Fantastic Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, my daughter is a huge HP fan and she was so looking forward to seeing this.  It was a great film, the costumes where fabulous!  Loved Porpentina’ s clothes, so very everyday wearable and Queenie’s more glamourous collection.  It was the pink coat with a shawl collar that really caught my attention, wouldn’t it be perfect for going out to parties in!  So this morning I have been searching for a pattern that could possibly make it


above is a close up I found, source unknown.

Here are a few I think would do it

The left patter is McCalls 7478 and the right Gertie’s Butterick 6105.

Left The Maker’s Atelier shawl collar coat, out of print Butterick 5824

above Vogue 8875

If you can think of a better pattern do let me know!   HAve you ever been caught by a fils costumes and wanted to make them?  Oh – do go and see the film, you won’t be disapointed – even if its only to see the wonderful costumes!


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  1. That coat is gorgeous indeed!and all of those patterns are really nice I would maybe start with McCalls 7478 .. I think it has the right base cut


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