Single Girl shimmer quilt

single girl quilt

I fell in love with the Single Girl quilt a few years ago, after I saw Judith’s version.  I waited and waited and then I took the plunge and ordered the pattern and a whole fat quarter bundle of Shimmer 2 by Jennifer.

single girl quilt 1st quarter

I started with the palest ivory in the 1st quarter, graduated into the yellows in the 2nd quarter.

single girl quilt 1st & 2nd quarter

ringing around to the cooler blues.

shimmer 2 single girl quilt

That’s as far as my stitching has got, today I cut out all the solid fabric for the center of the circles and outer edge.  I did have high hopes of more work on it today, but will hopefully get going tomorrow.  I am a little late on my secret sampler due to work commitments, thought I’d start again with my first block and get a cohesive colour way thought out the blocks.  If your making the splendid sampler, how are you tackling the fabrics and colour choices thought out the year? Scrappy, full thought out colour scheme?