Hobby Reindeer – #handmadeChristmas

hobby reindeer

I have been making Christmas gifts over the past week, stockings and simple items that could be made at work and using up fabrics I have at home.  A few weeks ago I made the Tilda angel wings out of this gingham and yesterday I made Tilda’s Hobby Reindeer.

hobby horse

Its a super pattern, although I do find Tilda’s way of stitching a little alien.  Being a dressmaker and quilter am used to seam allowances and Tilda does like to stitch on a drawn line and then cut out.  So I do go my own way after trying that first.  The antlers and inner ears are soft ivory fleece and his dowel stick is the inner tube from a bolt of fabric and covered with bias tube of gingham.  The reins are grosgrain ribbon, did add a little ribbon rosette as I stitched the head on and wanted to hide the stitching.  Planning on making a version twice his size for home, thought it would be a fun faux taxidermy decoration!   I love Tilda’s books and this Christmas Homestyle is a firm favorite, it’s been out for quite a few years and if you’d like to read a review Cupcakes for Clara one.  What are you making for Christmas?


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  1. That is adorable, looks so good. Who is the lucky recipient?
    I made my Dad a cushion for his birthday which was 2 days ago, so not technically a Christmas present but it is in December. I did appliqué for the first time. Turned out Ok, not perfect but Ok.


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