Jingle Bells bunting and all

father christmas soft focus

The weekend was busy and ever so cold, the fair was fun and thank you to everyone who popped by to say hello.  I had fun making all the bunting and decided to put the left over items from the fair on Ebay and will be posting more over the week and in my Etsy shop.  The bells have a wonderful deep jingle and sound so festive!  Going over all the speed bumps was fun in my little motor, sounded like I was pulling a sleigh!

Merry Christmas Gingerbread focus

So if your looking for some festive bunting to decorate your home, do pop over and have a look.

vintage chintz tote

The vintage glazed chintz totes were super popular, vinatge with a bright pop of colour form the love recycling embroidery.   Sorry  for the shameless advertising, promise more makes this week and my adventures with wool jersey too!