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The Unlined Raw-edge Coat

With the rain and cold weather arriving I had been thinnking of what fabric to use to make up one of my Maker’s Atellier patterns I bought at Ally Pally a few weeks ago.  I’ve been looking on line at Ditto Fabrics and couldn’t decide, so headed off to Fabrics Galore this morning where I found this wonderfull 100% wool below at £12 per meter.

fabrics galore london

I also discoved some oilskin

oilskin fabric

on the left is the oilskin I bought at Merchant and mills and on the right Fabrics Galore’s oilskin, same manufacture etc only the FG is £4 per meter!  I have bought a meter to make M&M Orton bag as I bought the M&M oilskin in the summer and there are only so many oilskin coats a girl can own.

21st November 2015
21st November 2015

You also may have noticed the Christmas Gift Fair button at the top of my blog, I was asked to take a stall for the first fair MP is holding there, if you can, do come along to the fair and say hello – will add more info newarer the day. Lots of parking available locally and promisses to be a fun fair.  SO I’ve been mighty quiet here on the blog as sewing has taken over on fair projects.  But today I am going to take a break from that and get my winter coat cut and made!  Have you started any new winter projects?


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  1. I hope I am as inspired as you are to take on winter projects! I am still scouring around magazines and blogs to find something that will excite me but I still have nothing! I do like the coat but I find that the pattern seems similar from last year’s autumn/winter collection?


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