Bow Tied | a quilt

bowtied folded copy

When I started making this bow tie quilt, didn’t think too much about ‘who’ it was for – only that I had an amazing bundle of Denyse Schmidt fabrics and a desire to try the bow ties.  Then at work a couple came in and we had a few difficulties communicating, until I discovered that they were both profoundly deaf and we then managed after a fashion and a pad of paper for the trickier parts.  I had asked the floor manager if we had someone who signed and unfortunately we don’t – all types of languages but no signing and he showed a shocking lack of understanding and ventured an opinion that maybe they should have stayed at home and shopped on the internet – mmmmm.

bowtied folded

As a child I had profound hearing problems and underwent surgery, I’ve also have  had Tinnitus my whole life.  So the charity Hearing dogs for the deaf is one I choose to support as I have a little understanding of how tricky life can be without sound and also with issues hearing.

lets-hear-it-for-deaf-childrenThe dogs make a more normal life possible, for children and adults – unlike guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs come in all shapes and sizes – I chose the photo of a Cavalier King Charles above as I have 2 lovely lively cavaliers (not hearing dogs) – Flora and Poppy.

flora & Poppy shopSo with all this fresh in my mind I have decided to sell my Bowtied quilt and open an Etsy shop named after my own little dogs and donate the proceedes of the quilt sale to Hearing dogs for the deaf.  If you are interested in the quilt do pop over to my Etsy shop, or if interested in the Charity click over to their website, they have a Barking Bake Off challenge coming up.