Bowtied progress

bowtied blondie

Progress so far, quilting the bowties is going at a pace.  I’m quilting with every spare moment at work, mostly in the quieter evenings and I’m nearly finished.

bowtied blondie closeup2Decided to try very close together straight lines, the Janome 6600p has a large walking foot and is so brilliant at fast stitching – although with speed I and the odd distration have wobbled a few times.  Some customers comments have made me stop and think why I quilt, as I know I could just pop into a bedding department and buy a quilt.  I find great enjoyment in choosing fabrics, cutting and mixing them up into another pattern.  The piecing process is enourmously absorbing and the sence achievment of having completed a quilt top, seeing the fabrics, colours playing together is a delight.  They are made with love, thought and care, not mass produced in a factory.  Would be great to hear why you quilt and sew and what the process is like for you.

bowtied blondie closeupDo love the overall look, simple grey gutermann cotton thread with a 2.2 length stitch.  Can’t wait to finsh this one!


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