free motion quilting on beanstalk scatter

beanstalk scatter

The top of my beanstalk scatter [named by the monster] is finished and after a trip to Ikea for backing fabric, had to decide how to quilt it.  My original plan was to quilt cirles to make the leaf cirles stad out, I did this at work on a fabulous quilting machine 6600p by Janome, a million times better than my own.  Once this was finished just looked like it needed more, so for the very first time I popped on the darning foot and just went for free motion style.  I did use the stop/start button to make life easier and it stitched brilliantly, next time I go for this freestyle will invest in a pair of quilters grip gloves as its alot trickier without.

beanstalk scatter

As you can see, not perfect from the back but super delighted with the result!  No where near the amazing Shevvy’s work – but a start.  Now just the binding to do and it will be finished!


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