Orange Peel quilt

orange peel quilt topThe centre of my Orange Peel quilt is made, I’ve used 6.5 inch squares with the ‘peels’ appliqued on with the help of Bonderweb and a running stitch 1/4 inch seam allowance.  This quilt has been totally inspired by Button-Button’s orange peel quilt that she brought to show at the London Modern Quilt Guild, also She Can Sew orange peel quilt blocks on Craftsy.  My 6.5 inch squares have the 6 inch peel, with time and washing I hope the raw edges will ‘fluff’ and give an added texture to the quilt.

classic orange peel quilt blockBefore starting I did search on line for different methods, Popular Patchwork have another method and the Missouri Star Quilt Company have a brilliant you tube tutorial.  Now to finish it!


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