Utility Coat

utility coatI’ve been looking for a new spring jacket, easy to slip in and walk the dogs, jump on my bike or run to meet friends for coffee.  As soon as Francis at The Maker’s Atelier released the Utility coat pattern I knew this was my new coat, the patterns are beautifully made, wonderful instructions and sizing is perfect.


The pattern has 1cm seams and my machine doesn’t have a 1cm mark, so I made my own mark instead.  The jacket made up very quickly and seams are taped to give a lovely finish, did think of using light reflective tape for when I’m on my bike, but for now it has white tape.

utility coat

I’ve managed to work the time delay on my phone so here are a few snaps of the coat

utility coatand

utility coat

The denim I used has a glazed sheen and a deep indigo, my fingers ended up with a blue tinge!   But I love it and if you’ve not tried The Maker’s Atelier patterns do, they are brilliant!

nb I’ve been asked for a few more photos and the back view, here they are:

utility coatand the back

utility coat


4 thoughts on “Utility Coat”

  1. Thank you for the extra pics, am loving it from the back and the hood is gorgeous. I will definitely have to investigate this pattern. Xx


  2. Wow! That looks brilliant, I love it. Beautiful fabric. How difficult or easy was the pattern to follow. I’m tempted to try something with a hood. X


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