Slow Fashion


The Slow Fashion movement has been going for quite some time and I guess many of us in a small way are moving towards its values – hand making our own clothes, knitting and embracing upcycling.  So along with Made by me May and handmade 365, I’ve also signed the Slow fashion Pledge.

slow fashion pledge

If you’d like to learn more about slow fashion here’s a link.  I know we can not make everything our selves and don’t want to, but when making a purchase we can stop and think where is it made, by who and how long the item will last.  Sustainable fashion seems a good way forward, a start at least.


1 thought on “Slow Fashion”

  1. It certainly does seem like the way forward. Someone, somewhere is paying the price for fast and cheap fashion, which doesn’t make the wearing of such garments very appealing at all.


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