Breakfast Granola | homemade

Granola recipeI’ve been in search of a delicious healthy breakfast cereal and started to experiment with recipes.  My starting point was a granola recipe in Tessa Kiros’s, Apples for Jam.  I do love this cookery book, lots if delicious recipes and they work out brilliantly.  The Guardian has an interesting article on making the perfect granola including their recipe, and the Honestly Healthy alkaline has a vegan version.  If you’d like my recipe Granola recipe click here.

granola recipe

I think with this batch I did slightly over bake, but still deliciously crunchy.  It’s a basic granola recipe and you can change nuts & seeds to suit your taste, thought I’d use cashews next time instead of walnuts and a dash of allspice.

granola recipe

The honey I used was from Little Apiaries, I bought it in Sainsbury’s where it was on special offer yesterday.


For years I have like the idea of keeping bees and for one reason or another it hasn’t happened.  But after moving to my new home this has become a real desire, Omlet has a fun and practical solution.  Do any of you keep bees’ or tried?  What have been your experiences, do you think living in central London and being a total novice its a good idea?  Any advice welcome!


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