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plasticbagsI have been trying to go plastic free, it’s slow progress working through everything.  I already use fabric bags to go shopping, be that groceries or regular pottering, my favorite bag is from Burda Style.  This week I have been making some muslin bags to use in the supermarket, so instead of using the poly bags I can pop my fruit and veg in these.  Have been trialing different sizes and now have a definitive that works for me.

muslin produce bagsThey are large enough to take carrots, apples, pears etc and when I whizzed them up at work it was suggested a larger version for potatoes.  The bags are made from muslin and I overlocked the seams and also all around the raw edges.  This makes them quick to make and more durable for use.

muslin produce bag                            muslin produce bag close up

I thought I’d share the muslin bag pattern with you, do let me know if you make any!  If you don’t have an overlocker you could use french seams or stitch and zigzag the raw edges.



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  1. That’s a great idea & thanks for sharing , I’ve just had a look at your pattern, if pieces of fabric were big enough do you think it might be stronger to put the bottom of the bag on the fold and cut it out full size?


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