Planning Spring wardrobe

The Wardrobe ArchitectI signed up to the Wardrobe Architect this year and have found it interesting work through.  I have had a good look at my wardrobe and I wear shift dresses with cardigans, pencil skirts and throw on blouses|tunics and skinny jeans.  Having lost quite a lot of weight last year I am working though making a new spring wardrobe, thought I’d share a few patterns that have cought my eye for this season – although they may not be brand new patterns.   Click on the photo or below for more information.

makers atelierI discovered the Makers Atelier last year at a show here in London and love the patterns, beautiful, simple shapes and are a dream to make.  The pencil skirt and Drawstring dress/top are on my to do list – so love the silver.  Infact kind of like just sewing up my capsule wardrobe just from the MA!

makers atelier dress

Planed to make the dress above in a silk I found at the HoH sale last year.burda tunicburda perfect for when the weather warms up

buterick 6183Butterick 6183 I saw a couture original by Lisa Redman that was a simple top like the one above, made in silk/silk satin – simple perfection.

Colette laurelColette

la petite robealthough very similar to the Laurel above – la petite robe



I am working on a pattern to make my favorite blouse from Zara, somewhat inspired by the Sewing Bee challenge.  Been pinning patterns I like and editing my capsule wardrobe pintrest page.  Find it helps me to narrow things down and not click buy for patterns that I may never use, we must all have a few of those!  How do you plan what to make, do you use Pinterest?  Are you as guilty as me at haveing patterns that are never used?


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  1. I have less unused patterns than I used to as I think my DH tidied a lot of them to the bin. However I am trying really hard to not to buy any until I have used the ones that I have. Mortmain did fall into my shopping basket earlier this week though as I definitely want at least one of those. That is definitely your influence


  2. Those MA patterns are tres chic! I like the Butterick Lisette top pattern too – I have my eye on that one myself, But my sewing has stalled so badly I am trying not to buy any more patterns until I start actually making things again. For some reason I have lost interest in even the planning stage.


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