Anzac biscuitsWhen life gets quite stressful I bake, the sweet soothing properties of sugar I supose.  With Australia Day last week, Anzac biscuts seemed a good Idea.  The monster likes them and a batch is always too many for just the two of us, so I look most of them to work.  I work with one Australian who liked them but said mine were chewier than the Australian version, although did laugh when I told her where I found the recipe – Australian Donna Hay!  If you like a chewey oat/coconut buscuit these are for you and if you prefer more crunch try this BBC Good Food recipe.  I prefer recipies that give a weight of golden syrup, rather than a table spoon – as I have still to repace my spoon measures from the things that went missing when we moved last summer.  I have a fab little cup measure,

eddingtons mini measurebrilliant for teaspoons, tablespoons and small amounts of liquid – but not great for golden syrup.  I think I found it in Divertimenti.  Sewing wise I have been repurposing a vintage linen damask tablecloth I inherited last year, it had been damged over time and I have now made 8 large naplins, a pinny and 2 tea towels – not bad really.  Have had a little fun embroidering the napkins with a monogram and are just for everyday use at home.  The edges were overlocked with a rolled hem and I used a fun Urban Threads alphabet.

vinatge damsk napkinsThe red thread was a nod to a small red cross stitch monogram that the tablecloth had on one corner, a laundry mark I assume.  Todays’s sewing task is to hunt down a shirt pattern for the monster, she chose a Parsons Gray fabric from the John Lewis sale.  Any suggestions for a good shirt pattern?