plastic free zone?

plastic at seaI went along to my local WI and heard about The Marine Conservation Society and was inspired to take some action.  I already carry a fabric bag in my handbag and use it for shopping, not just groceries anymore (if your reading this in Wales then you are already used to doing this).  I made quite a few fabric bags as Christmas gifts and the Burda pattern is brilliant, easy and quick to make (I use french seams, bias binding and drawstring closure to the pouch instead of the envelope style).  The talk really did make me think about what I buy and how I can make small changes to help the enviroment.  Supermarket items are wrapped in plastic, even if we want just a couple of apples they go into plastic bags – I have seen muslin bags that could be used instead and again quick to make at home.  The lovely lady has gone way beyond that, no plastic bin liners and uses paper sacks from her local greengrocer, veg box delivery, shop locally was her advice, her butcher packs in brown paper, no plastic bottles and makes her own lunch for work etc.  It’s quite a task! body scrub isolated on white backgroundOne way we can all make a difference she suggested was to stop buying products with plastic microbeads, there is an app one can use to scan a products’ barcode that will tell you almost instantly if it contains them – making it easier to make a choice without reading a huge list of ingredients.  The beads are in all sorts of products from facial scrubs to toothpaste, but it is a small change that will make a difference.

Have you been inspired to make changes, however small to help the enviroment?  If so, what do you do?