simply the best gingerbread biscuit recipe, ever

gingerbread menI have finally found a brilliant, easy recipe that bakes well and works!  Over the years had quite a few disasters with gingerbread recipes and gave up.  This year I found Donna Hay’s recipe and it’s brilliant, they taste great – at work & home they were devoured with relish.  I use a small gingerbread man cutter from David Mellor, bite size I supose and they keep really well.  Now I’m not the best biscuit decorator so mine are plain, although I am planning on learning the art of decorating in 2015.  My nephews raved about the Biscuiteer on Christmas day, so I may well take them with me as a birthday treat – them or me I’m not sure!

the biscuiteer gingerbread menIMAGE | The biscuiteers

If you can’t get to london to visit the Biscuiters here’s a fun YouTube clip on how to decorate

Donna Hay’s recipe is a free printable, so if your going to be baking for a New Year’s Eve party or just want a batch of delicious bisucits do try them!  I thougth I’d make some with 2015 and peoples names, or try wine glass tags?  What would you do?