Stitching for Christmas

never more the raven

I have been making lace this weekend with a Janome 350E and an Urban Thread pattern.  Having read advice on making lace, I used Solu-fleece from MacCulloch & Wallis and 2 layers of it in the hoop. Although I think 1 may well be enough and will exprement and let you know.  If you can offer any tips, please do!

never more the ravenSo here it is embroiderd, simply place into water and

IMG_5424                                                    IMG_5427

it disapears!  What’s left is free standing stitching.  I left them to dry last night and today I gace the lace bookmarks a light pressing and now have some fabulous finished bookmarks!  I am absolutly delighted with the results!

never more the ravenNow I thought initally that this was Mortimer from Mortimer and Arabel, I know now its form The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.  But thought if your around my age, you’d enjoy a trip down memory lane and see Jackanory!