brilliant gifts for a sewer

gifts for sewers 2hoop haberdashery

Gifts for anyone that sews can bring on wonderful hours ensconced in ones favorite haberdashery shop.  I love Liberty, the crafty sewer & Peter Jones, online I use backstitch, although there are lots about on line.  If you want to add your favorite in my comment do, I love to find new exciting place to visit.

gifts for sewing 7I love beautiful boxes and what could be more beautiful than a shaker sewing box?  Alternativly a sewing tin

gifts for sewers 10

or Liberty sewing basket?

gifts for sewers 4

Merchant & Mills have a wonderful collection and caters for all pocket sizes.

gifts for sewers 12Thimbles make great stocking fillers, my favorite thimble is from Clover and stays put and is comfortable.

gifts for sewers 13And finally Labour & Wait, full to the brim of useful items!