Victory Patterns | Madeleine

IMG_4596The monster loves the Madeleine skirt by Victory Patterns, easy to wear and fabulous to sew.  If you are a beginner its easy and the pockets are so useful with a fab top stitch detail.

IMG_4598It’s the second version I have made, this is in a darker denim from Fabrics Galore, has a great drape.  Pockets are lined with Hemingway fabric left over from my last Mortmain dress, again fabric from Fabrics Galore.

IMG_4601The monster chose this zip last weekend from the Eternal Maker, adds a lovely back detail.

IMG_4597I used shell buttons and stitched them on with my machine.  I spend my working days teaching & advising people about sewing machines and never use half the features on my own!  Its so easy I can only suggest the next time you need to stitch on a button, check all those extra bits that you have tucked away from your sewing machine and if you have a button foot – try.  If anyone would like a tutorial on this do get in touch and I’ll make one simple step by step guide.