hot water bottle tutorial

hot water bottle tutorialWhat you will need:

1 patterned fat quarter
1 fat quarter of insulation
1 fat quarter for lining and 2 strips of coordinating fabric (for binding)

First make up your pattern, one whole bottle water bottle tutorial 1

One front bottom (base to B) and one front top (top to A). Download the pdf of the pattern top and pattern water bottle tutorial 2Cutting out:
Place the pattern on your main fabric, pin and cut out, 1 whole cover, 1 x top to A and 1 x bottom to B. I like to do this fabric facing up. Repeat this for the insulation and lining water bottle tutorial 3Sandwich layers together, lining face down, insulating layer and main fabric face up – you can then quilt the pieces or embellish as you wish. Pin the binding along the straight raw edges of both front pattern AA and water bottle tutorial 4Stitch using ¼ inch seam, press the seams open, I hand slip stitch the reverse water bottle tutorial 5To assemble the cover, place the back right side up, front top right side down and then front bottom right side down. Pin around the out side edge and stitch a 1 cm seam all water bottle tutorial 6To finish snip seam allowance with pinking shears or zigzag. Then turn right side out and place your empty hot water bottle inside. Adding the insulation makes a real difference to the length of time the bottle stays hot; it should still be warm when you have to get up on a frosty morning.

this was first published on the village haberdashery website ©Ruth Poppyinstitches formally two hippos.