meet Myrtle

IMG_4387She’s finished!  I follower the Colette sew a long and it was all very straight forward, nothing tricky at all.  Well except my sewing machine just could not sew jersey, its a Brother Innovis QC-1000 and has lots of stretch stitches but kept swallowing the fabric. Tried tissue papper to no avail. Luckily my overlocker took over and most of this is sewn on it.  Just twin needle stitching finishing in the end on the bro.  The jersey is lovely and I found it at Fabrics Galore.

IMG_4345I read a tip that using a spool as well as the reel of thread helped when twin stitching and I used super stretch needles that may well have not been correct.

IMG_4347Any advice for next time?  This is my very first jersey garment EVER and I’ve been sewing since I was a child!