a week in stitching and travels

I read this week “mystery is most valuable in design, never show all there is at once”.

hexy logcabin block

And I guess that’s what we often do.  Sharing snippets of works in progress – unless with me its dressmaking, I like to get that done, finished and worn!  This year without realising I have been slowly stitching a new wardrobe and not buying, all spurred on by wonderful new pattern.  Anyway I digress, to follow the wise words I read, I am only showing a couple of snippits today of what I hope will be  a larger sugary bright hexy log cabin in space deckchair.  The center hexagon below is 1 inch and above 1. 5inches – before stitching that is.

hexy log cabbin 2


1 thought on “a week in stitching and travels”

  1. Lovely colour choice Ruth. I was thinking of you yesterday and Miss T wondering if you were waiting in for results. Hope you are both well. Building and decoration finished yet?
    Jo Teague


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