semifreddo and meringues


With the amazing warm summer we are experiencing, I chose to make a Bill Granger semifreddo recipe when friends came for supper.  A semifreddo – Italian for ‘half-cold’ – is a bit like a cheat’s ice cream. You don’t have to make a custard base or churn, so easy for everyone to make.  Next time I make this I will add 1 teaspoon of rosewater, it could just be that the Nielsen-Massey rosewater I used is stronger – not sure.  It was a huge success anyway!

giant fluffy meringue

As a result I had 6 egg whites and decided to make a batch of giant meringues, just in case the semifreddo didn’t set in time!  I use Delia’s meringue recipe, she calls it petie mont blancs – mine are giants.

cloud meringue

Utterly delicious with fresh raspberries or any summer berries.  What is your go to recipe for summer puddings?