Things are moving quickly and the builders will be finished this week, my little motor is whizzing all over the place as i dash collecting last minuet items and I simply can not wait for it to be clear, clean and ready to move in!  For the past couple of weeks the Monster and I have been watching The Great Interior Design Challenge, have you been watching it?  Thought Sarah Moore was brilliant!  To pay homage to that here is a sneeky peek at my nearly completed kitchen.


The kitchen space has not altered, but dramatic makeover none the less.  I don’t have any photo’s before, except below when everything was gutted.  No changes have been made since 1950 when it was converted into a flat and a tricky area to photograph as its so narrow – now we have much better lighting, cupboards that open and an oven that works in a galley kitchen.  It was really interesting seeing the hallway stripped back to the brick, as it exposed an unexpected vaulted ceiling and one could see where the original staircase would have been.  We are down in the servants quarters, where you’d expect to find Mrs Patmore and Daisy!  Although I think Mrs Patmore would be very disappointed at the lack of space, her kitchen would have been where my sitting room is now.


Things are very minimal soft french grey kitchen, natural oiled wood – calming hopefully.


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