There’s an app for that!

BlockFabI am not the biggest techie and only have a few apps. Its is a free fabric calculator, it’s not a design app but will let you quickly see various design, colour and layouts.   That is something I thought was brilliant, as I often just make blocks up and wing it – I have run into problems with some log cabins in not ordering enough of one fabric and this will stop all that!

blockFab.1There is a library of commonly used quilters blocks and it allows one to place in the size of the block and also the number of block one would like to make – then it calculates all the fabric needed!  So clever.

Do you have a favorite app?


2 thoughts on “There’s an app for that!”

  1. It will all be worth it when it finished but it’s hard work in the I between stage. It has been such a long process for you and it’s great to see it coming together at the end. I have a theory that this is why people like the minimalist colours and design, it’s a reaction to years of living in the chaos of rebuilding and designing!
    Turkey salad wil be one on my list, esp the glass of wine!


  2. i love apps!! One of my favourite for making things is a row counter for knitting. I also got one for helping to organise my stash of fabric. Its fab if I keep it up to date, which it’s not at the moment.
    I’ve not done any proper quilting yet but will look at this. Thanks for sharing 😀


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