vanilla fairy cakes

vanilla fairy cake

Sometimes when I’m procrastinating or feeling down I bake, with a monster at home I am asked for the occasional bakes for school.  Yesterday I baked a small batch of vanilla & blackberry fairy cakes, topped with chocolate stars.  The blackberry jam inside was the recipe I used before, using normal granulated sugar, juice of 1 lime and also about half a cup of homemade blackberry vodka.

vanilla & blackberry fairy cakesI used an apple corer and scooped out the center, filled it with blackberry jam and the top core popped back on.  Then a smallish swirl of vanilla butter cream, the victoria sponge recipe is a classic.  I used 4oz, butter, castor sugar, plain flour with a teasp baking powder, 2 eggs, dash of vanilla essence and a dash of milk.  Beat the butter & sugar until light and fluffy, mix in the eggs & vanilla essence slowly.  Then I hand mix in the flour with a large spoon adding a dash of milk if the cake mix is too stiff.  Divide into fairy cake cases and bake for 15 minuets at 200′, take out and cool once lightly golden and the cake top springs back when touched.

vanilla & blackberry fairy cake2

There is something very comforting about home being scented with baking, sweet cakes or bread.  Dotty Cookie has been baking up a storm with different bread recipes and I love reading about her adventures.  Do you have a favorite recipe?


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