Not a plastic bag


My wonderful french beach basket that I used for grocery shopping had an accident and the cat has taken it over as his bed!  I always feel very guilty taking a supermarket plastic bag and decided to make a couple of cotton bags using a brilliant pattern from Burda Style called Charlie.  If made the way the pattern suggests, overlocking all seams and zapping it together it is super speedy – although less pleasing on the eye.  So I made it using french seams and binding the handles and opening, just so it would be more durable.

IMG_2857It is a great bag and with a handy little pouch sewn into the seam that one can fold the bag into, so it slips into a handbag very easily and ready to use.



5 thoughts on “Not a plastic bag”

  1. love the Charlie bag you made.

    If you ever want to get your friends into sewing AND rescue some fabrics AND reduce your dependency on plastic bags (phew!) then check out the morsbags project

    Sew, eat cake, have fun = happy whales

    Everyone is a winner


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