half square triangle quilting


I have been making triangles using this method for a little while now, after joining a Craftsy class,  found this mathematical formula on pinterest |via Whip Up last night.  Before now its been trial and error or just using 6 inch squares as that’s my quilting ruler width.


Yesterday morning on my way to work I bought the new edition of Love patchwork & quilting and inside there is a baby quilt using this method to make a zig zag baby quilt.  Many years ago I made Anna Maria Horners zig zag quilt and found it very tricky with all the bias edges.  Using the above formula I can now accurately gauge the size of squares I need to make zig zags, very clever!  So now an idea that I dreamt up after seeing some antique Welsh quilts can become reality.  One thing I can not do with out for these and many quilting projects is spray starch, it really does help keep all those bias edges under control and also removes all the creases too.

heart quilt

Dear Stella have a wonderful heart quilt tutorial

and if you’d like a little more triangle inspiration take a look over at Making More With Less half square triangle layouts, using the formula about these half squares could be small or jumbo | in solids or patterned fabrics or a combination.

What are you planning to make this weekend?


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  1. Brilliant. You must be a mind reader. I am teaching quilting to 3 groups this term and I have chosen Half square triangles as a starting point to allow everyone to go off in their own direction. I use the trail and error method but starting with a 9 inch square as they are easily cut form fat quarters. However we sew all around the edge and cut across the diagonal. I will include this chart for when they know what they are doing and want to plan the quilts a little more. Thanks for sharing.


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