Vogue 8956

IMG_2789I have got a little sewing mojo back up and running and after a trip to Fabrics Galore, I made this great wrap round skirt.  The fabric is a fine checked wool, so lots of matching to do – I just bought an additional 60cm to make sure and was a total bargain at £2 per meter!  FG is just the best.

IMG_2776I am pleased with the pattern matching

vogue patterns

Its view B, thought the longer version would be better for work and am planning on making another in plain black wool flannel.  I did add lining to this skirt as I really don’t like unlined skirts, tights clinging and also the fabric will ‘seat’ too.  Maybe I will add a little Ozwald Boateng influence and add a bright lining to the flannel.  While browsing the pattern books i added Vogue 8930 to my must sew list and will be going in search of some fabric for that – maybe some faux shearling fabric that I saw at FB or boiled wool?  What would you make the coat in, any suggestions?


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