IMG_1397I didn’t know wether to share my real life, but as explanation for lack of any stitching I thought I’d show what I’m doing.  We started on this project 2 years ago with an architect, planning took so much time [we live in a listed building in a conservation area] and the builders started in early May this year.  They decided to walk off site, dispite being paid and we are following up with further action but have to finish.  So the glossy English ‘gentleman’ builder moved out and I found myself all alone and with a shell.  We have a very small team (2 brothers) on site and they are working through my ideas, while I run around to find everything needed.  Language is a problem, I speak no Polish and Pinterst has really come into its own.  I pin ideas and there with a waft of the oracle, I can show them.


ImageThe very top picture is where we started, middle today and the bottom is my inspiration.  So much time is spent finding items, thank you so much to the Fulham Bathstore [friendly & so helpful] and Chelsea Pluming [ditto], getting the extension water tight, the fun bit has been organised – fabrics, paint colours, sofa’s etc are all decided and sitting with me where the monster and I are living.  Curtains are being made as I type by the most wonderful lady from Fabrics Galore, I have only a small table to cut on and my windows are huge |I know my limits|.  I have been stitching slowly through my Christmas list and hope to post an update next week.  Tomorrow I am taking a few hours off to visit Made & Found, where I hope to meet Dotty Cookie – whose blog i have read for many years.

made & foundSo if your in London this weekend, why not pop up to NW7?


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  1. Wow incredible bathroom – well done you!! And I will have to see if I can pop to NW7 – sounds GREAT!


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