Chocolate cowpats


When my monster was in pre prep (well over 10 years ago now) and going out for tea was a big part of our life, a really good friend used to buy big double chocolate cookies at a local supermarket.  We all called them Chocolate cowpats, as that’s exactly what they look like.  Being a bit of an organic mummy, I found the idea of hydrogenated vegetable oil a little step too far and some where I discovered a recipe for them (back in the old dial up days, it came out of a magazine – can not remember which).  After it was tried, changed and tested and got all the children’s thumbs up, I scrawled it into my Nigella’s  Domestic Goddess book and they were made in different forms for years.  Its been some time since I last made any and today, we decided to bake a batch – I’d forgotten how yummy they are and so easy to bake too.  The aroma alone makes them worth baking!  So I thought I’d share the recipe with you:

chocolate cowpats

If you try them, do let me know what you think, have a great weekend!


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  1. Oh YUM!!!! My mom made cookies like this!!!
    PS thanks for your comment on my blog – you came up as a no-reply blogger, probably b/c yours is wordpress. See u tmr.


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