fabrics galore


Today I went over to Fabrics Galore in Battersea, I’ve not been there for several months and went with a long list.  The red crepe above is for an Anna dress, it drapes beautifully and is such a fabulous rich red.  I’m also planning an Ellisalex dress in a fabulous grey wool,


the pattern calls for a medium – heavy weight woven and this fits the bill perfectly.  My next dress (spot a theme?) New Look 6000 in the tweed below

Imagethought this would work really well and have a real 60’s vibe.  I also found some fantastic silk in a rich aubergine and planning on making a Laurel party dress.  I had a desire for a chunky corduroy and found a fabulous rich taupe with a touch of cashmere.  It gives a real softness to the tufted cord and a beautiful rich sheen.

ImageI thought a simple cut skirt would work best for this, or even a pair of cropped cigarette trousers – or could you suggest another idea?  There were some fantastic tweeds, double faced coating, boiled wool and wonderful brushed cotton (perfect for pj’s) amongst the hundreds of bolts.  I now have a pile ready to be cut out, as soon as I finish a commision and can sew for myself.  What have you planned for your autumn sewing?


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  1. I think I went a little ott, but love all the fabrics. Been busy sewing a couple of commission pieces, really enjoyed each project. I bet you can’t wait for the frame, you’ll have a ball! x


  2. That lot will keep you busy. I still haven’t finished the pj pants from the retreat but my quilting is going great. I’m picking the frame up next week then I will be busy!


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