autumnal sewing

ImageAfter seeing this Chanel coat I fell in love, a perfect shape to wear this winter with jeans or something smarter.   Going by the addage that if you need to ask the price, i have been searching for a pattern that I could adapt.  Thought boiled wool would be perfect, I have found some great patterns that I think would work and thought I’d share them.

ImageA 1970’s Sybil Connolly coat from Patterns from the Past on Etsy.


Simplicity 4403 again from Etsy


This Vogue 8861 would also adapt really well.  While searching for a double breasted pattern, I came across


completely different, Vogue 8930 fantastic in boiled wool (fabrics Galore have a fabulous selection) and perfect to wrap up in the cold.  Now to decide on the shape to make!  What plans do you have afoot for autumnal sewing?