colette laurel in airtex

IMG_4118I have made a super summer Laurel in cotton airtex, a fabric I haven’t worn since school!  I should have ironed this for the photo’s – but with the heat just couldn’t face turning on the iron.


This time I did not bind the neckline, but added a facing – due to the nature of the fabric found this so much easier.  Found the airtex cotton at Fabrics Galore a week or so ago, its perfect for the hot summer.  The fabric is narrow in width so ended up buying 2 dress lengths, plus sleeve and it worked out brilliantly.

semifreddo and meringues


With the amazing warm summer we are experiencing, I chose to make a Bill Granger semifreddo recipe when friends came for supper.  A semifreddo – Italian for ‘half-cold’ – is a bit like a cheat’s ice cream. You don’t have to make a custard base or churn, so easy for everyone to make.  Next time I make this I will add 1 teaspoon of rosewater, it could just be that the Nielsen-Massey rosewater I used is stronger – not sure.  It was a huge success anyway!

giant fluffy meringue

As a result I had 6 egg whites and decided to make a batch of giant meringues, just in case the semifreddo didn’t set in time!  I use Delia’s meringue recipe, she calls it petie mont blancs – mine are giants.

cloud meringue

Utterly delicious with fresh raspberries or any summer berries.  What is your go to recipe for summer puddings?

Sewing machine up and ready to stitch

Moving home is never easy and there always seems to be a 2 – 3 week wait for the phone to be connected. My sewing machine is up and although not in the best space possible – rearing to go. Today I went over to my favorite fabric store and found some fabulous green Wayne Hemingway fabric, £10 per meter a great price (they have the whole Hemingway collection in stock). A wonderful array of denims, from indigo dyed almost linen to heavy weight Japanese denim.
fabrics galoreThe last fabrics is a cotton searsucker, perfect for my first Tina Givens pattern – the Priscilla slip – just perfect in this heat.  I’ve also been buying some new patterns online and will post about them as soon as they arrive.

Eric Lanlard’s Cake Boy

If you are in London or planning a visit the one place to go and have tea is Cake Boy, owned by the fabulous Eric Lanlard.

For the monsters birthday I took a small group out for a special champagne tea and wow what a fabulous time we had! They were amazing, brilliant staff and Eric even brought out the monsters cake.


The sandwiches and tiny cakes were inventive and a total delight. Croissants filled with Palma ham, Shortbread fingers filled with lemon curd and topped with raspberries, chocolate creme brûlée, raspberry macaroons, green tea cones to name a few.

sew bee

IMG_3839On Sunday a group of LMQG members met up to quilt and it was a really fabulous afternoon.  Lots of chatting and for some hugely productive too!

IMG_3826It was brilliant to have so much space to lay out quilts, share tips and see new techiniques.  This was basted with a spray, I’ve never seen that used and  how brilliant it was.  Some used spray starch [my favorite] and another Flatter, delicious scent.

IMG_3836Some were stitching wonderul EEP, I do love the fabrics used here.

IMG_3830Lots of laughter

IMG_3829and some more productive than others – ie me!  I managed to cut out my strips and start my FoQ exhibition piece [top photo, all fabrics from Tikki], more concentration and work required than coffee and laughter!  I am really looking forward to next’s months sew in.